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If your heart line is long, Mckean says "you're an advocate that will zealously fight for what you believe is yours. You may have a tendency to get a bit possessive or jealous, however, you are extremely loyal. If your heart line ends under the pinky, ring, or middle finger, it's considered short.

Short and straight heart liners can come off shy and quiet. When it comes to love, they may need a little more time to digest their thoughts and feelings before acting or reacting emotionally. If your heart line is curved and ends anywhere under your index finger, you are a passionate type.

People tend to like you as a person and find you charismatic, though you may sometimes border on being dramatic. One of the great things about you is, you like taking the lead and will find awesome ways to keep things exciting. When your heart lines ends between your index finger and middle finger, you are a caring and nurturing type of partner.

According to Mckean, connecting with others is key for you and being surrounded by friends, family, and loved ones is essential. If that's not fascinating enough, there is one other important bit of information that you should know. According to palmistry, the lines that are carved in your hand are not set in stone. Pretty simple job, but includes some center of gravity details and 3 different version sizes. We can discuss and send details over chat. Thanks for your bid. Best regards. Freelancer Busca de Trabalhos hand astrology hindi 1. Procurar Palavra-chave.

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Sun enters Scorpio

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FREE Palm Reading Online | Find ACCURATE Palmists for !

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50 Hand Print Palmistry Best Seller Book In Hindi

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What Kind Of Partner You Are, Based On Your Palm Lines

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Looking for Wordpress Expert. A straight heart line which runs parallel to your life line means you are exceptionally practical in matters of love. A wavy heart line means you will have many lovers, few of them serious…! A broken heart line, or small lines crossing your heart line, shows emotional trauma of some kind. In general, a curvy line denotes creativity and spontaneity, while a straight line favours practicality and structure.

A wavy line shows that you have a short attention span, while a deep, long line is evidence of a clear, focussed thinker. A straight head line means you are a realist. If your head line is separated from your life line, it means you have a lust for life and an unquenchable thirst for adventure! If there is a circle or cross in your head line, this denotes an emotional crisis of some kind.

Multiple crosses show that you have to make a lot of very big decisions in your lifetime. It shows your character, as well as any important events that will happen in your life.

Learn how to Read Success Line on your Palm - Dr. Jai Madaan

If your life line is very close to your thumb, it means you have low energy and are often tired. Conversely, a wide, curvy life line shows that you have plenty of energy. If it swoops in a semi-circle, you are strong and enthusiastic. A long, deep life line shows your inner vitality, while a short and shallow life line means you are easily manipulated by others. A break in the line shows major changes in lifestyle. The fate line can be read in conjunction with the life line to show the future.

A deep fate line shows that you are strongly controlled by destiny. If there are a lot of breaks in your fate line, it means that external forces will change your life many times. A fate line that is joined to the life line shows that you are an aspirational, self-made babe. If your fate line starts at the base of your palm, you will find yourself in the public eye often!

At the bottom of each finger is a spongy pad — the other side of your knuckle, if you will. There are three heights: high, low or flat. How well-pronounced the mount appears will tell you everything you need to know! If you find it difficult to tell the relative size of your mounts, just cup your hand slightly and look at it side-on. You will easily see which mounts are larger than others!

The Venus mount is under your thumb. The Venus mount relates to love, intuition, vitality, sensuality and success. A high Venus mount shows someone who can be promiscuous and overindulgent. Sometimes they can become obsessed with instant gratification. A normal, well-developed Venus mount denotes a person who is influential, and passionate about the arts. If your Venus mount is flat, you have little to no interest in family life. These people also tend to criticise others. The Jupiter mount is under your index finger. It tells us about your personal philosophies, beliefs and leadership capabilities.

A high Jupiter mount means you are self-centered and aggressive to the point of being dominating. If your Jupiter mount has a normal height, you are intelligent, and an ambitious, natural leader. The Saturn mount is under your middle finger. This mount is all about how patient and responsible you are.

A high Saturn mount shows stubbornness, a tendency to be alone, depressed, cynical and shy.

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If your Saturn mount has a normal amount of elevation, you are responsible and hard-working, friendly and you trust in the Universe. If it is low or flat, this can mean you are superficial and disorganised. The Apollo or Sun mount is under your ring finger.