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The only thing I am guilty of is feeling intense dislike sometimes toward people, who I just avoid altogether or ignore. The 2nd chart is someone who I know has been violent, mostly toward women, and also has violent outburts i. And Mars is square Pluto.

by Nige Saund

It's kind of a Jekyll and Hyde syndrome with him. He is not a bad person either, just has serious temper issues. He does cardio daily, and says it really helps him release tension. Last edited by kshantaram; at AM. Originally Posted by positivevibes. Venus square or opposition to Mars gives a very voluptuous and sensuous disposition, liable to gross excesses in the gratification of the passions which will sap the vitality Mercury square or opposition to Mars makes people quick-witted, sharp and alert, quick-tempered, impulsive and excitable, liable to jump at conclusions and act before they think Saturn conjunction, parallel, square or opposition to Mars are thoroughly bad aspects indicating a selfish, violent, harsh and cruel nature Jupiter square or opposition to Mars is the signature of the gambler Uranus conjunction, parallel, square, or opposition to Mars gives an erratic and eccentric disposition Last edited by wilsontc; at PM.

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Originally Posted by deepseafish. According to that book, I'm a sadistic, womanizing anarchist prone to demon possession, so I'd take that book's fatalism with a grain of salt. Most flaws can be turned into strengths if you work hard enough at it. Originally Posted by thelivingsky. I certainly do not think hard Mars aspects are the only signs of violence,that's why this thread was created,as I'm trying to find out what other aspects could lead to one being violent. But as I said before: Mars-Uranus Mars-Saturn Mars-Pluto Hard aspects,can give one very violent behavior if it is not channeled correctly,or if there is an outlet for their negative energy.

Of course,I think Moon and Mercury plays a part as well,as that has to do with one's emotions Moon and one's thinking Mercury Pluto hard aspects to Orcus could be deadly as well. Originally Posted by Blacknight. What is the significance of uranus in relation to mars?

I understand that traditionally mars and saturn don't like each other so hard contacts can be bad depending on the chart and pluto at least makes sense in context to modern astrology rulership. What's the deal? Last edited by positivevibes; at PM. What exactly do you mean with violence in natal chart? Is there any agreement about the definition of violence? Are we talking about the narrow definition of using rough physical force?

Or are taking in account all kinds of violence: physical, emotional, verbal, sexual, spiritual? Usually there is talking about murderers, but there are countless ways of being violent or causing harm to people. What about manipulative behaviour with tendency to harm somebody or more of them? What do you think about the definiton of violence? By the will of Lord God, may this be so.

Originally Posted by demetraceres. I have some doubts here. Physical violence is not so common. What about women with this aspects? Women rarely use physical force. Violent temper is probably more about uncontrolled verbal outbursts. Or intentionally trying to hurt with words? Regarding Mars Saturn conjunction I thought it is more about inhibition - it is hard for the native to be openly assertive.

I don't imagine here physical or emotional outbursts. Speaking about outbursts - they are also ascribed to Taurus Mars. Mars square pluto Mars square ascendant can give aggressive people. But it all depends on the overall theme.. Regarding Mars Saturn conjunction I thougt it is more about inhibition - it is hard for the native to be openly assertive.

Originally Posted by kendra. Originally Posted by kshantaram. I have mars opp. I know I'm capable of cruelty and violence.

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Mars square pluto ppl are even worse. Most of them are downright psychos. I have Mars square Moon and can get very defensive over my feelings or people that I love and care about.

What does Orcus Mean in Astrology Intuitive Insight

I'm definitely not one to go out looking for violence. But I wouldn't back down if I needed to defend my loved ones, that's for sure. Then again I have Jupiter trine moon so it softens me up a bit. I've known some scary cancers though I agree with previous posts that state Mars in hard aspect to Saturn, Uranus and Pluto can cause violence.

Denis Kutalyov

However, with women who have these, they often become the victim of physical or sexual violence. For instance, I recently had a female client who had Mars conjunct Uranus and Saturn within 3 degrees, and Mars, Uranus and Saturn all made a semisquare to Pluto in the 4th house within degrees. She was molested by 3 family members when very young less than 10 years old and at age 22 was raped by a man after a party. She has admitted to having a lot of suppressed anger but is not a physically violent person.

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Worth noting is the semisquare from Mars to Pluto is exact to the minute, so extremely powerful. Find all posts by astro Further on Mars in hard aspect to Pluto: Oprah Winfrey who was raped by a family member has Mars in an exact applying aspect to Pluto. Maya Angelou who was raped by her mother's boyfriend had Mars making an applying sesquiquadrate to Pluto by 2 degrees. My mother has her Mars in exact square to her Uranus, and she has a wicked temper.

She has said that her mom was pretty mean-spirited. Unfortunately, she has turned out to be her exact replica.

Category: Orcus

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Asteroid Orcus | neptune's aura astrology

Page 4 of 4. Orcus is a Hadean archetype, and, alongside Ixion and Pluto, completes a trinity of mostly unconscious, often challenging drives and compulsions, which, gradually help to bring us to self-awareness. Pluto is impassioned, Orcus passionless. Orcus rules extreme human qualities: the determination to survive in pitiless conditions, as well as the drive to overcome all odds. The psycho spiritual task of wherever the Orcus archetype lives in your birth chart and psyche is to convert separation and isolation into genuine and congruent integrity. That means knowing your highest level core values and then living them out in daily life — prioritising your life around them.

In other words, walk your talk. Be impeccable with your word. Under promise and over deliver. Currently, transiting Orcus is at 8 degrees Virgo in an ongoing opposition to Neptune in Pisces until In April Centaur Nessus opposes Orcus through to Plus the transiting north Node of Fate has just crossed Orcus not to return for another Neptune rules, among other things, spiritual principles and impersonal idealism.

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