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The child will take Indian and Western cinema by storm," says astrologer Vikram Mehta. He adds, "It will most likely be a male child. If it is a female, she would definitely become a superstar during her youth. Kolkata Knight Riders have the least chance of winning, because Shah Rukh has a very strong shani right now, and so the team is unable to perform well.

HT City spoke to astrologer Vikram Mehta to pick the favourites for this season. So their hard work is proportionate to their winning streak.

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Astrologer Vikram Mehta tells what holds for the brightest shining stars of Bollywood. The girl Rahul would marry will be virtuous, educated, with self-esteem. She will help him in his career. The best time period is between November and So, if it's the bull that is causing the problems then have some advise by a Vastu expert.

Horoscope: Horoscope today, Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Yearly Horoscope predictions | Times of India

Vikram Mehta says, "Installing a statue of a bull is very important for prosperity but since it's a bronze bull, it should be placed in the South-West direction facing the North, to get maximum benefits. If it is placed otherwise then it's high time they changed its position. Best Astrologer in World. For requesting personalized readings from Astrologer Vikram Mehta, please send a request message or call Astrologer Vikram Mehta.

Astrologer Vikram Mehta

Book Session. Astrologer Vikram Mehta. Services - By Astrologer Vikram Mehta. October 16 lucky for Saif and Kareena. Kali-Ma beer back in the can.

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